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What Comb To Hair Straight
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Hair carved comb

Hair carving comb is not easy to pull the hair, hair shaping in the time, the nutritional role of the hair accessories smear on the comb, and then passed to the hair, you can achieve the purpose of eliminating frizz, even bright hair.

Mane comb

Combs made of soft bristles reduce the friction between the hair and the hair. Moreover, the bristles on the comb will not only sweep the dust off, but also help to bring the sebum on the scalp to the hair. These sebum is the hair's best natural hair conditioner and accessories.

Nine rows of combs

Nine rows of combs "nine rows" is a general term, refers to combs arranged in rows of combs, can penetrate more thick hair. If the hair is slightly curled and the thickness is uneven everywhere, the plastic cushion padded under the nine-row comb comb teeth can flexibly conform to the hair trend and prevent the hair from being broken.

Broad comb

Broaching pitch of about 1 cm wide comb is the standard, wet hair comb the most easy to break the hair, suitable for the use of wide comb.

Round aluminum comb

Round aluminum comb is characterized by the metal body is the barrel, and perforated breathable, fast heat dissipation. Hairpin hole design, helps the air penetrate the hair, create a sense of hierarchy.

Big board comb

Large comb comb and massage effect, suitable for use before shampooing. Hair is fully combed, washed hair is not easy to lose their hair.

Massage comb

Swollen shape, there are many comb needle cushion, used to cushion the hair when the force can be used to massage the scalp and promote blood circulation of the scalp