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This Is A Hair Straighteneing Brush With Boyfriend Power...
- Jul 15, 2018 -

The girls are like this:

When her hair was curly, she thought the girl with straight black hair was a real goddess.

When hair is straight, feel curly girl sex appeal is mature and charming.

And so on and so on.


But now there are so many curling comb and straightening brush that it's not impossible to change your hairstyle every day.

It's just hard.


Let's just talk about hair straighting brush instead of curling iron.

A thick curly hair, to become flowing straight hair, the hands-on process is easy to collapse.

After all, it can only be straightened a little bit at a time. If the temperature is not enough, it can not be straightened enough.


This problem, I always thought, would be solved by the girl.

To my surprise, after two years of research, curvy has designed a hair straightener brush to handle a one-time pull.


The difference between a straight comb and a straight stick, let me explain.

First of all, a large area of ceramic coating heating plate, very good use of uniform heat distribution.


And the area of comb is bigger, the hair that pulls a hair straightener each time when comb is more.


Different types of hair, such as curls, require different straightening temperatures.

It has digital temperature control function, temperature adjustable.


No matter how carefully you roll it, you can quickly turn it back black and straight.


The curls are smooth and the hair is well combed and knotted.

Also, the teeth are flexible, giving the hair a subtle massage when brushing.

In addition to good hair, the tips of the brush teeth insulate the fragile scalp.

The shell has a heat resistant coating to protect hands.

Handle besides heat insulation, also did rubber antiskid treatment, it is very slippery to use.