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The Seven Management Systems Of An Enterprise
- Jun 01, 2018 -

The Seven Management Systems of an Enterprise

The company's seven management systems: raw material system, production management system, packaging system, QC system, storage system, pre-factory inspection and after-sales service. These constitute the core foundation of an enterprise's achievement and play a vital role in the development of an enterprise.

Usually in the development of an organization, management is hardware, and enterprise cultural value is the soul of development. The combination of hardware and software makes the enterprise become a dynamic and confident individual.

Quality assurance system as a system within the enterprise technology and management, the operation of the quality assurance system should be to the quality Plan as the main line, to process management as the center of gravity, according to PDCA cycle, through the Plan (Plan) - implementation (Do) - checks (Check) - management cycle steps of processing (Action) control, improve the level of assurance.

Production management is the general name for the establishment and operation of the enterprise's production system. Also called production control. Production management of the main modules: project management, procurement management, manufacturing management, quality management, efficiency management, equipment management, inventory management, morale and lean production management, a total of nine big modules.

The packaging system, QC system, storage system and pre-production inspection have also laid the pre-sales quality guarantee for the products.

After - sales service, is in the goods sold after the various services provided. Objectively speaking, high quality after-sales service is the product of brand economy. From the service system, product after-sales service, both manufacturers provide direct, also have dealers, but more is the manufacturers, merchants cooperation way is presented to consumers. No matter be consumer or businessman, should abide by the principle of good faith.

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