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- Jun 09, 2018 -

As we all know, today's society is closely related to fashion, and fashion has also extended many industries, such as hairdressing. Today is to talk about hair beauty. It
Now, a lot of people are engaged in the hair industry, or small achievements, or are still unknown, but I think that a line of love, you have to know the origin and development of your industry, so that you can better improve yourself, and not just a simple skill.

Hair beauty industry is a new industry, but it is not said that the origin of hair industry is short, as early as in ancient times people have the pursuit of the habit of beauty, such as hair repair, beard, disk design hairstyle. These things have existed for a long time and not only come to people's lives today. Because ancient people also love beauty and fashion elements, but that's not what they call it now.

The rise of hair beauty industry originated in modern times. At the beginning of the last century, Western hairdressing industry was liberated by Western thought. People regarded hairdressing as an indispensable part of following the pace of the times, in which the haircut and perm were mature.Because of the cultural differences between the East and the west, the opening degree of Western thought was earlier than that of other regions, and the western world hairdressing industry gradually improved. Hairdressing has become a part of their lives, and the eastern style has been rising before and after the Qing Dynasty. The most striking feature of this hairstyle is a short haircut on the forehead.Because of the different changes in the short hair, in a less long period of popular fashion, it has gone through the evolution of white style, fishing, swallow tail, and star style, so it is also crowned as "beauty of beauty". It's also a fixed number of styles.

After the 1911 Revolution, it was cut and cut. In the 30s of last century, the hairdressing technology in overseas hairdressing industry was introduced into China through several commercial ports along the coast.  By a small number of dignitaries for the representative of the pursuit of western perm and produced a fashionable hairdo.For a time, most of the people's hairdressing adorned the western world. The Chinese hair has been affected by the new influence in this period, which has also changed the tradition of the past.

In this way, with the national uprising after the 1911 Revolution, China entered a new historical period, and the hairstyle of the people changed greatly.

During the founding of the people's Republic of China, when people were influenced by political factors, their hairstyles also changed greatly. The fundamental change in men's hair style is the rise of the 37, 46, and medium split hairstyles, which makes Chinese men have a new image, and the ladies' three hair styles are also born one after another. In 60s, because China's economy is still very backward, hairstyle has not made any breakthroughs (and the Western hairdressing industry has been very mature). After 70s, perms were springing up in major cities of Shanghai and China, and China's hairstyle entered a new historical period.In 80s, with the opening of China's reform and opening to the outside world, hairstyles have changed greatly. People began to pursue new hairstyles, and the fashion hairstyle came into being at this time. The most important thing is hair blowing. Men blow hair 37, 46, middle score, boss head (Shenyang Le Zi TOU); women blow late suits, high bangs, chrysanthemum heads, hot explosions, long shears. For a while, hair salons and salons began to rise, and people's love and beauty were rising.

With the pace of reform and opening up, China's hairdressing has entered a period of evolution, reform, prosperity and progress. Since 90s, hair salons have gradually penetrated into China's major cities and people's lives. With the influence of the west, hair dyed hair is rising again. A series of hair salons, such as yellow hair dye (bleached hair dyed hair) and so on, began to be popular. In the next 97 years, the VS hairstyle that changed the fashion trend was also introduced to China by Vida Sasson.So that the Chinese hairdressing industry launched a new era of sassoon hairdressing.From 2000 to 2003, influenced by the Western hairdressing industry, perming and dyed hair gradually became popular in China and flourished to popularity. Until now, the diversified fashion hairdressing industry has springing up everywhere in China. For the generation of hairdresser, it created many opportunities for employment and getting rich.