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The Benefits Of No Electrostatic Comb On Hair
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Hairless hair combs without electrostatic comb.

The dangers of static electricity:

1, will exacerbate the loss of moisture in the hair, will cause dryness.

2, will also affect the head nerve, causing health risks.


1, you can choose to use anti-static products, clothes dryer used in the paper can reduce the static friction caused by clothing clothes static electricity, used to deal with hair static is also very effective, as long as the anti-static paper on the hair, not obedient The hair will immediately change the clothes.

2, choose the appropriate material supplies, reduce the root causes of static electricity. Reduce friction will be able to cut the morning hair when the charge on the hair, and silk pillowcase is not easy to leave a mark on your face.

3, choose the appropriate material comb. Plastic and nylon hairbrush and hair friction easily generate static, natural mane comb is much better. Or spray the hairbrush some hair spray to make it moist, to the hair and hair to establish a protective layer between the comb, hair combed hair combed impatient.

4, shampoo and hair care products to be screened. In the autumn and winter air-dry season, we must try our best to choose the products which can keep the moisture of the hair, choose the products which have the effect of moisturizing the baked oil properly, keep the moisture in the hair, and to a certain extent, can also avoid the static electricity of the hair.