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Pear Head At Home How To Take Care
- Feb 02, 2018 -

STEP 1: pour 1 to 2 drops of hair oil into your palm.

STEP 2: hair conditioner oil in the palm of your hand, and then evenly applied to the hair tips.

STEP 3: In order to let the oil applied to the surface of the hair layer penetrate into it, comb it with a comb neatly.

STEP 4: The hair dryer adjusted to cold state, dry the top of the head, while blowing the air to grasp the feeling of hand.

STEP 5: Then the hair dryer adjusted to the hot state, while curling inward with a comb, while using a hair dryer heat setting for the bangs.

STEP 6: Although before blowing the top of the hair with a cold state, make hairstyle look more full.

STEP 7: And then for a large number of combs and then inward volume, reinforced stereotypes.

STEP 8: Then change the small comb, curly hair for the hair, hair should pay attention to pause for about 5 seconds.

STEP 9: Turn off the hair dryer, but comb do not remove, keep the original position cooling 5 seconds, so that hair curly longer.

STEP 10: Apply proper amount of wax to the palm of your hand, and then apply wax to your hair with both hands holding the tip of the curly hair