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How To Use Curly Hair
- Feb 02, 2018 -

1, the hair part of the carding on by a pair of hands, turn your fingers as a comb, while combing, while using your fingers around the hair (must follow the direction of hair curling, do not wind around after the volume becomes straight, and each time All the same, or a clockwise winding, a counterclockwise winding, equal to invalid) After washing the head, the hair with a hair dryer to blow a half dry, of course, blow bangs can still use the comb. Apply hair oil or essence oil to the hair, moisturize the hair, and then highlight the wave jelly water on the hair curler, then hand the hair dryer, curly hair curls, the hair dry.

2, the hair will be divided into several strands, with a strand of hair around the fingers, has been around up, while around the side of the blow, and then let go, spread his hand, with the palm of your hand end of curly hair, hair curls up to the ear Location, the curls are care on the palm of your hand, the best in the palm of your hand can be rolled into one or two large circle, and then blow the tube, blow it, the palm of your hand clenched, curly hair clutched in his hand, and then release a little bit and then blow , And then clutched until the hair blown 80% dry enough. Dry the same way, and you will find that the hair waves are raging and full of movement.

3, hair dryer hair, the time can not be too hot nor too long, it is likely to lead to bad hair. Can also be burnt hair, when blowing away from the farther.