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How To Make Their Own Pear Head
- Feb 02, 2018 -

1. First, the hair with water to the volume, remember to use hand to comb inside, and then use a dry towel to the wet tail hair from bottom to top to dry, this time your pear head has been slightly stereotypes , And then use the comb, remember that is the kind of spiral comb, not a normal comb to hair the way according to the volume comb, this time pear head has come out,

2. Then with a strand of gel water jelly hair stereotypes, claws, remember, with a comb comb when divided into a few wishes comb, pear head so nice to read every day as long as not to spend 5 minutes.

3. As for the hair, more simple, fingers from the outside into the volume can be blown into a pear head If the pear want to tie up, you can first step: the first comb with the whole head of hair combed into four parts, the first half The two sides of each of the two points, the latter part of a pinch, the bottom of the hair to stay.

4. The first half of the head and two sides of the hair are braided separately, one with a black invisible clip fixed on the side, the other with the latter half of the hair tied together, combing should try to form a patchwork of feeling . The third step: After all the hair tied, this time need to start their own hands, and design a feeling of messy and induced fixed position, with the U-shaped clip fixed, the hair after the remaining part of the hair combed neat combed to the front Chest, this can increase a woman's sense of charming.

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