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How To Buy A Good Hair Straightener Brush
- Aug 15, 2018 -

A hair straightener brush is an electrical device that makes hair straight. The hair straightener includes a straight comb and splint, while the curls have splints and curls. They are heated by electric current to heat the hair of the straightener or to heat the wire to heat the aluminum plate or ceramic plate to straighten the hair. People who like DIY straight hair are good at what straighteners, and how the straighteners are used have certain doubts. Today, let the small editor explain some knowledge methods for purchasing hair straighteners.

Introduction to flat iron hair straightener

Today's hair straightener has not only the effect of straightening hair, but also the effect of curling hair. In the past, hairdressers in professional hairstyles used hair straightener when performing haircuts for customers. However, since 2007, straighteners have become one of the main tools for family hairdressing in Europe and the United States, entering the family market. Now the straightener has become more of a choice. In 2010, hair straightener brush officially entered the Chinese family market, but it has yet to be further developed and popularized as a necessary product for personal hair care and hairdressing.


Selection of flat iron

Since the general straightener is a current powered product, the biggest problem in choosing what flat iron is good and the most need to pay attention to is the safety issue. The flat iron purchased must be certified for safety, and only the products certified by the authority can have safety and security. Export products are generally CE certified or UL-certified. China has CCC certification. In addition to the purchase of regular registered trademarks of the factory's products, when purchasing to pay attention to these.


Appearance of electric comb

In addition to the certification of electric comb, appearance is also one of the criteria for purchase. Because the appearance not only needs to meet the individual's aesthetic requirements, but also to a certain extent from the appearance to observe the quality of electric comb. The appearance that purchasing straighteners need to pay attention to is generally to look at each edge first. If the edge is very smooth and there is no Burr, it means that the product's precision requirements are relatively high. In addition, turn the tail first to see if it is flexible, if flexible, the description of the match is also very good. The method of detecting the turning tail is to let the power cord droop naturally and rotate the straightener 360 degrees. If it can rotate 360 degrees smoothly, the turning tail is good.


Performance of hair straightening brush

It can be modeled on the basis of protecting hair. Unlike the normal straightener, it not only reduces the damage caused by the straight hair, but also makes the straight hair more smooth, smooth and shiny. Straighten the curved hair very well.

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