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Electricity Roll Bar On The Hair Damage It
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Will hurt the hair

Curly hair stick is a hairdressing DIY tool, hair hairdressing salon and hairdresser will use a set of curling iron tools. Only a few beautiful women will own this product DIY. Curly hair stick is by the international standard model: 19MM .25MM. 32MM. 38MM. The current mainstream hairstyle is using this model 32MM! Divided into fever body. Handle. Power cord. Temperature control system composed of several components! Can be tempered stronger than can not be tempered! Curly hair stick can make a variety of curly hair such as: big curly hair, drooping natural curly hair, hanging down to the shoulder curly hair, broken rolls, wheat hot, inverted curly hair, flop curly hair.

I am qualified to answer this question ah.I recently been using electric rods, or ceramic that does not hurt hair as propaganda said, I use it every time I wash my head twice a week, hurt my hair, Feeling a bit dry hair, though not very exaggerated, and bifurcation. | | Hurt, I have occasionally rolled ~ ~ ~ generally let it scattered natural, or really hurt, you can Buy a roll comb with hair wax to shape, but this is not set for a long time, look hair. Stereotype with a blower but hurt hair. Normal law enforcement is also very important. I bedroom classmates once a week, in order to shape a week to wash hair -! | Volume | Volt roll with their own hair is very hurt the hair, and hair is also a one-time, up to two days there is no type. Occasionally use once, if necessary, is best not to use. Of course, hurt, with hair dryer hurt the hair. Advice not to use.