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Electric Curlers On The Hair Damage It
- Feb 02, 2018 -

I think there is not much compared with the perm, perm, unless you use more expensive medicine damage can be smaller if it is more general medicine damage and is not to support

Electric hair curler hair at the same time you want to use the hair to do what is often made of hair mask

Pear head need hair at least to the shoulder length at least longer than the chin and then it is easy to roll the tail inside the volume can be a lot of online tutorial video tutorials I think it is not difficult for you to test the test on it

But you bobo head length if there is no way to stay first then the pear is basically the hair tip is trimmed no level cut when you want to talk to the barber you want to get pear

1, first of all hair from the back into two.

2, take the roll stick flat, hold the hair tail from the back to the side of the volume, remember not to roll too high! About one side can be divided into 5/6 copies of this volume, the volume is good to go back to put it.

3, I remember must be flat volume, the hair on both sides are the same volume method. After the end of the volume, a little tail hair fluffy point.

4, spray Kao CAPE fluffy stereotypes spray, can make the hair a sense of air! Part of the bangs is the use of large volume combs, take the hairdryer with hot air coil can.