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Electric Comb Curlers
- Feb 02, 2018 -

1. Hair dryer blow hair again. Before styling, use the hair dryer again to gently blow the hair from the inside and outside of the hair to adjust the condition of the hair. Alternating hot and cold air, hairstyles will be more lasting.

2 hairpin separate bangs separately. Roll up both sides of the hair with a roll of electricity rods, the first when the bangs in the forehead with a separate hairpin separate. At the same time the hair on both sides and the back is divided into two parts, when using the electric roll bar is much more convenient.

3. Use the roll bar to roll forward the hair on both sides, the hair behind the roll, so you can make the hair more dynamic, looks more light.

4. The other side is also unrolled according to the same method and order. When the other side of the hair volume, it is best not to look at the mirror. If you look at the mirror to the volume, it is likely to curl the ideal hairstyle. According to their own imagination to roll, the effect will be better.

5. When using a roll bar, gently slide the roll bar down after gently tucking the beam onto it. Gently support the rolled part with the other hand while slowly lowering the roll bar. In this way you can roll out the natural, but also full of air curls hairstyle.