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Brand Story
- Jun 13, 2018 -

Advancing appliances since it was founded in 1992, has been committed to strive for mankind's beautiful hair straightener brush, during this time try to continuously strengthen the quality of our products and service and quality, and gradually accumulated around the customers around the world.


In the continuous development of the enterprise, a variety of similar products on the market, even some direct copy, our best selling hair straightening brush, in particular, this allows us to suffer a big loss, this company established a special department of anti-counterfeiting. It also presents a challenge for us, need to try harder to provide better service to ensure that our vision can continue, as the earliest one of the largest manufacturers, the realization of our wishes are.

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Now we have been through ups and downs of several decades, to a better life for human beings, we will produced a series of subsequent hairdressing hair care products, and related supporting products, rather than just straight hair comb, strive to do to provide the best service to the world, become the industry benchmark, it is our vision and goals. But a real problem to be solved, create their own brands, build our identification of the product and brand, service not only good but also to let the customer know and remember that we let the beauty of the human cause forever, this is we need to create hair flat iron brand meaning. Every brand has an unknown story behind it, and this is our story.


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