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Use electric rod to make curly hair
- Feb 02, 2018 -

How to curl the curly hair Crush they like to do at home, one-time curly hair styling, weekend leisure time give yourself a hairstyle about the best go shopping, but the most relaxed thing, the market a wide range of curly hair is not to make you confused it, different models Curly hair made out of the curly hair, but the effect is different, today Xiaobian to introduce you is a more common electric curly hair rod made out of Pear hair, let's take a look at the use of electric rods Make curly hair inside the manufacturing process!

step 1

The first step: Qi Liu Hair styling long straight hair combed on both sides, the electric rod temperature is adjusted to about 180 degrees, the hair divided into less on both sides of the upper bar to tie up the use of hairpin fixed on the top position.

step 2

The second step: take the right amount of oil in the palm of the hand knead open, evenly smear the hair in the position, so that the curls will not be too dry, the girl to protect their hair Oh.

step 3

The third step: the use of heated hair curlers will be wrapped around the hair curlers on the hair curling hair to do hair curling, curls made out will be very natural Oh, according to their own preferences to choose curly hair stick models.

step 4

The fourth step: the upper layer of hair scattered down, take out a small amount of the first hair using a hair curling bar to do hair curling, and then on the other side of the hair to do symmetrical hair curling, hair tail hair will do all the hair deal with.

step 5

The fifth step: look at the final renderings, the air bangs with the inner volume of PEAR head, the top hair with a beautiful hair band to show the girl's sweet and gentle is more appropriate.