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Share 13 maintenance methods for household hair straighteners
- Jun 08, 2018 -

The maintenance of the straightener is very simple, but if you omit this part, your straightener will not work as well as before. However, how to maintain the hair straightener? What should maintain hair straightener notice? Below is the maintenance method of straightener --.

Maintenance method of hair straightener:

1. Read the operation manual of the hair straightener in detail and understand the structure of the hair straightener;

2. Disconnect the dc transmitter from the power supply and achieve electromechanical separation;

3. Make sure the temperature of the hair straightener is at normal temperature to avoid accidental scald during maintenance;

4. Prepare a small piece of soft cotton cloth or eyeglass cloth;

5. Dilute the neutral detergent with a small amount of water, soak the soft cloth and wring it dry;

6. Open the hair straightener splint;

7. Wipe the heating plate of the hair straightener with a twisted soft cloth to remove the grease on the hair;

8. Thoroughly toss the soft cloth with water and dry it again;

9. Use clean soft cloth to clean the residual cleaning agent on the heating plate twice;

10. Wipe the heating plate thoroughly with a soft dry cloth;

11. Wipe the outer cover of the hair straightener with a damp soft cloth;

12. Check whether the circuit part of the straightener (mainly wire and plug) is in good condition and free of damage;

13. Turn on the power supply and preheat the dc transmitter for 1 or 2 minutes, then the power will be cut off and the power will be collected after natural cooling.