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How to set a one-time curly hair
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Many straight-haired girls are much like the experience of hair curls, but worried about curly hair is not good, so one-time curly hair has become a lot of sister's choice, not only to experience the new hairstyle, and do not worry about curly hair does not look good, because the one-time curly hair as long as Wash hair, you can easily restore elegant long straight hair.

Hands hot curls

When my own hot curls at home, we must blow hair dry again, because this effect is better, and stereotypes more lasting.

Do not comb immediately after ironing

After ironing it is best not to immediately sort out Oh, wait half an hour later, give the hair styling, because the hair just good hair is still relatively soft, it is easy to be straight.

Use your own hands

With your own hand down the side of the hair along the roll, after the volume of non-stop grasp, free to catch, I just use this method to my curly hair stereotypes.


Do not use hairbrush comb comb hair Oh, there is a comb comb comb curly hair, you can buy spare, in case one day want to change curls, you do not have to worry about being combed by their hair curly up.


Elastin has a very good styling effect, so when the hair is hot, you can apply some elastin under the hair, not only can be stereotypes, but also make the hair look oily and shiny.

Elastic element plus jelly water

If you want a better styling effect, you can take some elastin on your hands, then spray gel water, gently massage both hands together, and then apply it to the bottom of the hair, which is more than the elastic effect of water alone It is good, I also use it.