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How to keep the shape of the hot curly hair
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Perm how to take care of steps:

1, after the perm as the head has been through chemical reaction, the hair suffered some damage, so after perm is best to use contains nourishing and repair ingredients shampoo and hair care products. Or choose a shampoo specifically designed for perming curls. It can not only add nutrition to the hair after the scalding, but also can repair the hair.

2, before shampoo comb with wide teeth can be combed hair tidy, making the scalp in a relaxed state, and then combined with the use of repair conditioner. After applying the hair conditioner to cover the hair with a hot towel effect will be better.

3, just finished the head, do not immediately blow hair with a hair dryer, hair dryer because the high temperature will be the moisture away, so that hair becomes more dry and frizzy. Use natural wind or dry towel to dry your hair best.

4, the hair blown Qicheng dry when the use of elastic force to grasp the curl hair, it is best not to comb hair after the hair dry hair.

5, get wet after morning in the hair and then smear on the stereotypes products. Apply a layer of disposable conditioner before applying styling products to the hair layer of protective film. Also, do not comb your hair with a comb before you go out, just hand it.