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How curlers make hair styling
- Feb 02, 2018 -

MM like to use electric hair curlers do hairstyle, but when heated to a certain temperature, the hair will run "smoke." In fact, you see the "smoke" is actually water vapor, moist hair after heating will have this phenomenon, it is not harmful to the hair. However, the hair curler should be used after drying the hair, and keep a distance of 3 cm from the scalp to avoid damaging the skin. The best choice of small curlers, reducing the contact area with the hair.

First dedicated curly hair styling agent applied to the hair. Because the curler can generate heat, it's important to get it done quickly.

Before curly hair, in accordance with the essentials of straight hair, with a metal plate or hair curler to slide the whole body 2-3 times, can prevent the hair becomes too curly and fluffy, the whole out of a shiny beautiful curly hair.

Teach you how to use electric hair curling hot hair beautiful hairstyle!

Mature sense of big waves】 Large waves can be extended outward face shape, the woman with a thick hair is best not to roll the top of the head and hair ends. If the front of the hair is short, only about half the volume, the formation of natural waves. After a while, the waves are released, the curls are loosened, combed with a large comb or fingers, and then stylized with a hair gel.

[Wheat hot wild] This hairstyle is characterized by the most show the sense of thick hair. First determine the head rotation from the hair inside and hair root area began to make the volume, the key is not to roll a lot of hair at a time.

[Drooping natural curly hair] use the curly hair to make a natural curly hair. Only the hair is completely dry, curly hair can be done, the damage to the hair is small. From the hair root 10cm away from the beginning, only the hair sparse, long spread to all sides in order to form a natural fresh curly hair.

[Lovely hair curling down to the shoulder] suitable for long-haired hairstyle. Electric hair curlers make all the hair made of large flowers, and the middle of the volume into the volume, and then use hairpin to fix the front of the hair.

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