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Electric rods roll pear head and or roll
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Eversion curls making steps

Dry hair after hair dry, wet hair is not easy to hot volume / to the hair coated with the right amount of nourishing oil / excessive volume of hot easy to make a little bifurcation, so the hair will be especially pity Oh

Let the rod preheat for four minutes to use / electric rod vertical can make the volume three-dimensional / horizontal roll, the hair more levels.

After the bottom of the hair volume is over, start the middle of the hair roll / Finally, the top of the hair volume / hair spray water, and soon returned to its original form.

Finishing hair has a shortcut

Just make a nice hairstyle is not enough, the latter part of the commissioning and repair and maintenance is also very important, so that the hair shape and texture are really beautiful hair.

Hair tail spray oil: rolled hair easier to edgy, it will affect the outer edge of the hair, so that the overall shape is not smooth. In the hair slightly coated with the right amount of nutritional oil, both can adjust the shape and nourish the hair, would not it best of both worlds.

Inverted curly retro elegant one "volume" out

Large waves of curly hair curling retro and elegant, the most suitable use it in the Roman Dixie candlelight dinner to show your beauty. I believe that charm will make your boyfriend unforgettable

Beautiful Plus points a good helper: sweet date how lack the decoration of beautiful ornaments, they will shine in the dim light, and your invaded curly hair side by side interpretation of the beautiful story.

Like slender pomegranate seeds below the decorative metal wire beautiful and smart, make the hair more active / gold pendant set with rubies, noble and elegant, for your neck icing on the cake.

Turn curly hair making steps

Similarly, after shampooing to dry hair / apply nutrients, moisture hair, but also the damage to the hair to minimize the hair / hair and also apply a moderate amount of security samples.

Use ducks nose pliers to fix the hair on the head / the natural hair on the head is good, the volume is curled from the middle, the volume is curled and the volume is curled at the bottom.

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