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Electric comb curlers the correct use of methods
- Feb 02, 2018 -

After hair or hair rough, hair curlers with negative ion hair care function is the gospel. Magic negative curly hair stick at work constantly releasing negative ions, can form a protective film around the hair, lock hair moisture, make the hair smooth, moist. In the maintenance of hair at the same time can effectively lock the hair color, so that dyeing hair color retention time longer. "Remodeling at low temperature" is the core of the perm women's use of temperature control curly hair stick! Perm women in order to create a more rich and varied curly hair styling, will continue to use hair curlers. At this time, it is best to choose the temperature control effect of curly hair sticks, studies have shown that the temperature of the curling iron set at 130oC ~ ~ 160oC, the basic does not hurt the hair. At the same time hair after the hair itself has a strong plastic force, without excessive temperature to maintain hair styling. & nbsp; 3 & nbsp; Curly hair stick with curly hair comb is a good partner for bangs, hair tips and other details. Simply create a bangs with curling irons, it is easy to roll naturally enough, with curly hair comb is very useful, can easily comb out fluffy, plump hairstyle, at the same time is very suitable to create a three-dimensional bangs and micro-curly hair tips. However, be very careful when using it, comb the hair and soft comb design, it is easy to entangle the hair together. & nbsp; 4 & nbsp; Straight face head hair less predicament, straight curly hair combo electric coil has a trick! Compared to the average curly hair stick, the middle is a straight but the shape of the roll stick is the kind of straight roll dual-use type electric roll stick, hot out of the effect more natural. In the face of the embarrassment of less hair on the head, decided to use small thick curly hair to do the fluffy head, effectively cover the scalp. Then use the 30mm ~ 32mm size straight curly hair comb comb the most reasonable, to create a thick and more curly hair.