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Does The Straightener Hurt Your Hair?
- Jun 08, 2018 -

Does the straightener hurt your hair? 

The straightener USES the method of straightener to create a variety of hairstyles

One, straightener USES method to make a variety of hairstyles skillfully

First of all, take a look at the straightener. The first thing it does is it smoothes out the curvy hair.

Step 1

Start with the left side of the hair, take a portion of the hair from the middle of the hair, place the straightener on the top of the hair, and then hold the hair in your hands.

Step 2

Use the same method, the hair that remain even and neat is clip orderly slowly, if the picture on the right, a smooth hair style is made easily.

In addition, straightener can clip out wave curl, this kind of clever use is not unexpected?

Step 1

First, take a small piece of hair from the side of your head, hold it on one hand, and move it slowly backwards from the top of your head with a straightener in the other.

Step 2

After moving a little distance, loosen the straightener by turning it inward at an Angle.

Step 3

Lower the hair straightener, turn the clipped hair up this time, let it go for a few more seconds, then clip the hair below and hold it in a downward spiral.

Step 4

As shown on the left, the wave effect is clipped. In the same way, keep your hair clipped to the end.

Step 5

Continuing with the previous step, the closer you get to the end of the hair, the straightener Angle can get smaller and smaller.

Step 6

Finally, gently stroke the whole hair and pull all the hair together so that the straightener can create a wavy look.

Does the straightener hurt your hair

Many people like flowing long hair, buy hair straightener oneself, make it appear ion ironing effect. Yang haijing, a dermatologist at the affiliated hospital of southeast university in nanjing, warned that frequently doing so can lead to hair loss and even hair loss.

Straight iron plate surface temperature at 200 ℃ or so commonly, through heat the hair straightening. And the main component of the hair is keratin, frequent stretch can cause keratin to lose, cause cortical fiber to break eventually, make the hair dry, do not have flexibility. If you must straighten your hair with a hair straightener, take care of your hair and use olive oil as a conditioner.