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Curly stick finished what volume stereotypes
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Recommend a DIY method, there is no way, not hard state, until the hair Qi Bacheng dried with a small apron.

With apiary fixed, shampoo, first pick a ray of want to start where the volume from where to start spinning that strand of hair until the tip of the whole body into a group of children currently not a permanent wave

[High score] girls usually use curly hair sticks to create their own natural fluffy hair shape?

Recommended answer: If the hair dryer hood, the general volume after the volume together open the wow one-time can not use elastic elements, otherwise the oil can actually be used for anything too much, roll bar size, not too much at once, curly hair afraid Water, take the hood fixed, along the curly grasp, elastin water, the effect is more than the opposite, and then spray-type spray, rod temperature.

Do not use wax on the scalp when waxed.

Spray styling is not used to wet the hair before curling.

Disposable curly hair will hurt, divided into multiple take, too heavy, curly hair has a lot of time and time.

With the hair length, shampooing hair care products can reduce the damage, and then placed wax palm.

Spray-type spray setting index higher, rub evenly