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Curly hair sticks and hair wax stereotypes of the order of use
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Recommended answer: Many straight-haired girls are like to experience the taste of curly hair, but worried about curly hair is not good, so a one-time curly hair has become a lot of sister's choice, not only to experience the new hairstyle, but do not worry curly hair does not look good, because once As long as the hair curly hair clean, you can easily restore the elegant long straight hair.

Wax has a very good styling effect, so curly hair, you can apply under the hair hair wax, not only stereotypes, but also make the hair look oily and shiny.

If you want a better styling effect, you can take a little bit of elastin on your hand, then spray gel water, gently massage both hands together and apply it to the bottom of the hair, which is better than using wax alone .

1. Hands hot curly hair At home, hot curls, be sure to blow hair dry again, because this effect is better, and more durable stereotypes 2. Do not immediately after the hot combing After ironing is best not to sort out immediately, have to wait Half an hour later, give the hair styling, because the just hot hair is still relatively soft, it is easy to be combed 3. With your own hands down the side of the hair with your own hand, apply hair wax under the hair, After the volume of non-stop grasp, so curly hair after stereotypes.