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Curly hair stick how to shape hair
- Feb 02, 2018 -

One-time can use wax or spray-type hair gel, 20CM away from the hair at the spray, and then good shape by hand, not very hard.

It is recommended not to use curly hair sticks, hair loss, hair will get worse, direct use of facial tissue fold fold folded into strips, grabbed a strand of hair, slowly rolled up, roll to the end with a knot just like, Just like the sponge ball curls bought outside.

One night roll will be very natural and beautiful, then fluffy hands a little, just blow out with the barber have a fight, if you do not stereotypes water can not last long, in fact, have to spray, or else no way.

Usually not the best hair dryer, perm stick, these things are too hurt the hair to try not to use. Wash the hair with a towel to dry the hair, do not rub. Rub gently.

Use a ponchos to dry the hair a bit, then use the elastic elements, and then you can use the hair curling (do not use the hand roll, you can use the comb to stereotypes) after the hair dry and then apply some elastin.