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How does straightener do curl to learn to use hairdressing tool to make fashionable hairdo
- Jun 15, 2018 -

Good long straight hair, but this hairstyle to keep for a long time will always think means nothing, want to make a curly hair should go to the barbershop, cost also more time-consuming, but also can't change hair style, it is better than learning how to use straight hair is curly hair!


Although long straight hair is the hair style that can reflect female gentle feeling more, but with the development of The Times, this kind of hair style became a kind of too common hair style, not very popular. On the contrary, that kind of charming and feminine curly hair has become the object that people chase after.

Increasing in recent years women hair types, curl modelling is more popular with the ladies, but for the girl has been with straight hair, make a curly hair also worry not appropriate, will be ugly, but still want to try, so might as well try some of hairdressing equipment to help us!

Straight hair beautiful woman home won't have curl stick certainly, so onefold straight hair implement also can make curl? Of course, the following beauty appointment for you to explain how to do it!


1. Comb your hair

We spread out our hair and carefully smoothed it with a comb, without any bumps or knots. This will prevent the curls from getting out of shape later.

Straighten your hair

Preheat the straightener first, then use it to straighten all hair except the top of the head. Here, be careful to start the clip from the middle of the hair, then arrange it and prepare for the next step.


3, sandwiched volumes

Straight iron is hot at this time, if we want to do a larger volume, can put straight iron hair clip in the hair of the head under 30 cm, Angle to note here, with straight hair is curly hair to adjust position, general downward at an Angle of 45 degrees.

4, do volume

Now to use straight iron grip the hair turn 360 degrees, and then wait for a moment, let whole curl modelling is fixed, according to a similar approach to other position after hair with straight iron ironed.

5, finalize the design

When you're done, use your hands to arrange the curls, then spray the gel onto your hair and set it in place.

Above is the method that makes curl modelling with straight hair implement, beautiful women can bold try.

Beauty's engagement makes beauty within reach.


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